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Cross Border Trucking

O.J. Cross border teams cover GuangZhou, Zhuhai and Wuhan with over Twenty 38-tons SCANIA tractors, and 16-24 tons trucks; 7x24 GPS monitoring system, tracking & security.

Our CN team is expending...

Local Distribution

Including chartered trucks, we own about 30 Light Goods Vehicles, Medium Goods Vehicle and Vans for local distributions.  

Our local team is expending...


Delivery Services

O.J. provides local B2B, B2C and eCommerce delivery service involves professional teams to handle thousands delivery checkpoint everyday. We firmly believe that our professional and passion can meet our customers requirements. 


We provide human resources services to our customers, including recruitment of suitable manpower such as on-site supervision, frontline staffs according to specific requirement. 

We provide full-range process analysis and improvement to different types of operations.


Supply Chain Solutions

O.J. provides consulting on total supply chain solutions, and help our customer to improve performance and reduce cost by designing full-range process from End-to-End, including supplier sourcing. 

Warehouse Storage

Our warehouse located at Man Kam To, area of 50,000 square feet with high-quality storage environment, which can help our customer solve the inventory problems and management costs.

We have short-term and long-term storage periods to meet customer needs. We also have tailor-made warehouse rental charging plans.

Welcome to inquire. 


Warehouse Rental

welcome to inquire the warehouse rental service.

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